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Agent Referral Program

Welcome to the Marstrand Referral Partner Program! We are thrilled to potentially partner with you and your client. We look forward to assisting you and your client with all of your property management needs.

At Marstrand Property Management, relationships are important to us. We understand the value of communication and protecting the trust that you have created with your clients. This is precisely why we developed our agent referral program; letting you focus on sales while resting assured that your clients have the care and support they need with a competent and professional property manager.

Our goal is to take care of your referred clients' properties and provide the best possible support to protect and advance their investment. Along the way, we provide referring agents with regular updates on the property and help smoothly transition the client back to you once they are ready to sell.

Please complete the form to refer a client for property management.  We will in turn generate a referral agreement and then contact with you first to learn more.

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Can I earn a referral fee?
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Of course.  For every successfully closed lead, Marstrand pays a referral fee to the referring agent or broker for each referral property that Marstrand ultimately manages.

When do I get paid for my referral?
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You will receive payment from your referral within 60 days of your referral client signing our property management agreement (PMA) and placing the property in service with Marstrand. You can contact us anytime to check on the status of your referral.

Do you have any information I can share with my clients?
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Our website has all the information you will need to tell your clients about us including our approach to property management, why we are different as well as client references.  If you feel you need more information, please contact us so that we may walk you through our step by step Onboarding Playbook for supporting your client as they transition to our property management services.

After I provide the lead, what's next?
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After your submission, we will be in contact with you shortly to send documentation in the form of a referral agreement and to learn more about your client’s needs first.  If  you need to be in touch sooner, please call our main line at (805) 500-7575 or shoot us an email at hello@marstrandproperties.com.