Before submitting a maintenance request,
please read through the advice below.

Plumbing  Drains and Toilets

Drain and toilet clogs are a common occurrence. Fortunately, you can generally take care of these without outside help. Use the information below to get started:
Toilet Clogs icon

Toilet Clogs

A plunger should clear all but the most severe clogs. To use one properly, flush your toilet ONCE. Then, press the bottom of the plunger over the drainage hole in the toilet and pump vigorously.

If the plunger doesn't help, lift the lid on the back of the tank to verify that the chain is still attached to the handle.
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Drain Problems

Bathroom drains often become clogged over time, due to debris being flushed down the pipe. Consider installing drain traps to prevent this problem from reoccurring.  A drain cleaning tool, such as the Zipit, it a great option for removing hair from your drain. Don't use chemicals to clean your pipes, as these may damage the system.".
Electrical Outages icon

Electrical Outages

Electrical outages may occur due to bad weather or problems with the grid. Please note, we cannot do anything to resolve such issues. Speak with your utility company for help. You may also lose power if you overload the electrical circuit in your home. Check your breaker box and reset the breaker if necessary.
Hot Water Problems icon

Hot Water Problems

Locate your hot water heater and verify that the
settings on the tank are correct. Some heaters have a reset cycle. If you cycle the tank, wait 15 to 20 minutes for the water to heat before testing the temperature.
Heating Problems icon

Heating Problems

If your home's heater is not working properly, please verify that the settings have not been altered accidently.  If the thermostat is battery operated, pelase ensure that the battery is not expired.

My maintenance issue is an emergency!

If you or others are in danger, call 911 immediately.  For maintenance emergencies please call us at (805) 500-7575

If none of the advice above helps, please get in touch with us via the Tenant Portal.