Vendor Partners

Professional. Prompt. Pride of Workmanship.
Marstrand Property Management’s greatest asset is its extensive network of vendors who provide reliable maintenance and contracting services throughout South Santa Barbara County. As the company’s rapid growth continues, so does the demand for high quality vendors – contractors, maintenance technicians and more. Ready to get to work?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to become a Marstrand vendor partner?
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Send an email to  and include your complete contact information, the services you offer and the areas you cover. Include your price list, if you have one available.

What are Marstrand’s service level requirements?
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We request that vendors accept or decline standard work and schedule most standard work orders within 24 hours, and complete work within 5 business days of receiving a work order request. For emergency work orders, we ask that vendors complete work ASAP. We expect all vendors to be courteous, prompt, professional and act as stewards of their business as well as Marstrand’s.

What documentation is required in order to be an approved vendor?
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Here’s a list of our requirements:

  • An executed IRS Form W-9 (download here)
  • An executed ACH form (download here) is optional, but encouraged to receive prompt payment
  • Certificate of Insurance – Marstrand Property Management must be listed as an additional insured as follows: John A. Morais dba. Marstrand Property Management, 2531 Borton Drive, Suite B, Santa Barbara, CA 93109
  • Signed Vendor Services Agreement
What is the Marstrand Vendor Portal?
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The Vendor Portal (managed by appfolio) is a system that allows Marstrand and its valued Vendors to work together in an efficient and transparent way. All work orders we send are tracked via the Vendor Portal. Once Marstrand sends a work order, vendors are then able to schedule service, communicate with Marstrand and tenants, provide proof of service, and submit invoices all in one place.

How do I get access to the Vendor Portal?
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When you are assigned new work from Marstrand Property Management you will receive an email giving you access to the details of the job. Note: You will not be able to access the Vendor Portal until Marstrand sends you a work order link. Click the button in the email and your account will be created and you will be automatically signed in. For a full set of instructions for the Vendor Portal can be found here.

How do I log in to the Vendor Portal?
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Vendor Portal offers three ways of signing in to your account.

  • View the Work Order Email​:When you are assigned new work, you receive an email notification about the job. Click the button to sign into your account.
  • Request an Access Link​:At vendor​​, you can enter in your email address if you have an existing Vendor Portal account. You will then be sent an email with a button that you can click to sign into your account.
  • Use a Password​: At vendor​​,you can sign in with a password if you have created an account before October 2019 or have set a new password. Click `More Sign In Options` then sign in with your email and password.
How do I receive work orders?
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Once you have a Vendor Portal account, newly assigned work from Marstrand Property Management will automatically appear in your Vendor Portal. You will also receive an email notification. It’s important that you accept or decline any work orders that are sent to you within 24 hours.

Can I communicate with tenants directly from the Vendor Portal?
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Yes, you can send messages directly via the Vendor Portal.

Do I have to submit my invoices in the Vendor Portal?
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All invoices are required to be submitted within the Vendor Portal or there will be delays with payment.

Who do I contact if I am having Vendor Portal issues?
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Please reach out to us at or via telephone at (805) 500-7575.